In accordance with the memorandum of association the following sub – committees are formed:

1- Air Cargo and Express Mail committee:

  • Osama Hillel / Rapporteur of the Committee Seven Hills Shipping Services Company
  • Bahij Manna Amra Tower Logistics Services Company
  • Sherine Abu Hadba Levent Gate Transport and Services Company
  • Muhammad Qadada Eastern Services Company
  • Ahmed Mabrouk Torpedo Logistics Company
  • Nawaf Fawaz Aramex Jordan

2- Land Freight and Logistics Committee:

  • Muhammad Al-Ajlouni/ Rapporteur of the Committee Al-Nahrain Company for Transport and Shipping Services
  • Zuhair Al Shweiki International Coast Logistics Company
  • Rakan Saqqa European freight services company
  • Hashem Al-Tabb Tree Walker Company for Land Transport

3- Legal Affairs and Arbitration Committee:

  • Ramy Al-Naber / Rapporteur of the Committee Kona and Nagel Jordan Company
  • Tariq Al Munakar Four Directions Shipping Services Co
  • Mustafa Kharroub Modern company for logistics services

4- Maritime and Transport Clearance Committee:

  • Nizar Saleh / Rapporteur of the Committee Magellan International Shipping Services Company
  • Muhammed Arif Hussain Seven Seas Logistics Company
  • Dr.. Hani Al Tarawneh Jordan Group for Maritime Agencies
  • Adnan Al Jaouni Elaf Shipping Company
  • Mohamed Zidan The Dutch Jordanian Shipping Services Company
  • Hamza Abu Ajamiya Black Sea Shipping Company

5- Media and Social Committee:

  • Hassan Bushnaq / Rapporteur of the Committee Rixos Logistics Company
  • Suhaib Najib Experts for land and sea freight services
  • Hatem Al-Abadi Perfect Link Logistics Corporation
  • Mohamed Fawzy Al-Swariya Oman Express Company
  • Mohamed Zawawi The beginning of the global freight brokerage

6- Training and pre-qualification Committee:

  • Mr. Marwan Owais/ Rapporteur of the Committee The Distinguished Arabian Shipping & Logistics Company
  • Habib's call Experts for land and sea freight services
  • Adham Obeidat Al-Nahrain Company for Transport and Shipping Services
  • Iman Bakirat New Jersey Shipping Company
  • The rule of Abu Villas Aqaba Logistics Village