This Code aims at achieving the best means for the advancement of the Profession of shipping agents within ethical principles and professional traditions Hence, all members of the Jordanian Logistics Association (JLA) must adhere With the stipulations of this Code as shown below:

First: Purposes

The purposes that this Code aims at achieving include the following:

1- To ensure fair and balanced relationships among members and among members and their customers.

2- To maintain the good reputation of JLA and enhance its standing before all entities.

3- To set ethical rules and standards and establish professional traditions that lead to augmenting the credibility of JLA and its members whereby such membership in this Association would be an indication of the high quality and superior performance of services rendered by its members.

4- To strengthen professional traditions that govern the professional Performance of those engaged in such profession.

5- Generally, to augment the public confidence in the freight and logistics Activities and those engaged therein, through defining such profession to the public and its economic and social role as well as correcting any Behavior that may undermine such confidence.

6- To set the rules and principles that lead to the welfare of freight forwarders, enhance their professional status and guarantee high standards of professional conduct and practice.

7- The objectives and purposes mentioned in the Memorandum of Association and upon the incorporation of JLA shall be deemed an integral part of such objectives and purposes.

Second: The Conduct

1- All members, at all times, must act professionally in conformity with their interests and that of their customers abiding by the stipulations of the Laws and Regulations prevailing in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

2- All members shall abide by performing the tasks assumed by them in full honesty and integrity in accordance with the professional principles and traditions.

3- All members undertake not to commit any act that may harm the Association or contradict with its Memorandum of Association or the profession’s traditions.

4- All members shall abide by following all instructions issued by the Executive Council of JLA.

5- All members undertake not to give information that would intentionally mislead the public or customers.

6- In dealing with any entity for the purposes of executing any act that they carry out to the benefit of customers, all members undertake that the information they provide to any entity whatsoever, shall be accurate insofar as was available to them.

7- All members shall abide by performing any tasks that they are charged with by the Executive Council of JLA or any entity emerging there from.

8- The member shall abide by providing the Association with his permanent address and to inform the Association of any change in such address.

9- The member shall abide by settling all his financial commitments due to the Association in timely fashion.

10- The member undertakes to advise the Commissions emerging from the Association of any difference occurring between him and any other Association member.

11- The member undertakes to adhere to the rules of conduct and the Standards provided for under the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association of JLA. 3

Third: Enforcement

1- The Executive Council of JLA is empowered to assign a sub-committee to deal with questions relating to the conduct of members.

2- Members shall refer disputes arising among them to the sub-committee if necessary.

3- The sub-committee is empowered to consider any complaint made by any customer or a dispute arising among members. The member against whom a complaint has been made shall, upon request by the sub-committee, provide information and documents within such period as may be reasonably required by the sub-committee. The sub-committee in not authorized to apply or recommend the application of any action against the said member without affording the said member the opportunity to make his representation (in wiring or in person) in connection with the said complaint.

4- The Executive Council of the JLA is empowered under the law to:

  • issue such cautions, warnings and reprimands as it may consider Necessary
  • require from such member any specific or general undertaking as to Such member’s future conduct and/or
  • terminate the membership of any such member in accordance with the regulations and internal instructions

The Executive Committee is empowered to delegate its disciplinary powers Under sub-paragraph (1) and (2) above to the sub-committee

We hereby agree to abide by the JLA Code of Ethics